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Oh, the despair!

Pandemic Series; Views from the window seat. July 22, 2020 PART 1 Oh, the despair! “There’s a light at each end of this tunnel, you shout. But you’re just as far in as you’ll ever be out.” We are six months into the pandemic. Six months from the first verified case in the U.S. It […]

Please do not call me low functioning

Please do not call me low functioning. How labels hurt autistic individuals. June 18, 2020 “The fallacy of the intelligence aspect has backfired… The assumption of high intelligence brings with it the assumption of being able to ‘cope’, as much as ‘High Functioning’ Autism does. There’s a whole world of issues with it being assumed […]

Sacred space

Standing in front of the ocean God spoke “I know the prayer written on your bones” “Whispered on your lips” “You will hear him speak, in your dreams” “The voice of your child will echo in your heart and mind” “In your waking hours, the memory of it will sit heavy in your soul” Spirit […]

Fiercely following joy

Sitting in my garden, where my seeds are planted and sleeping Enveloped by the pain of loss, despair all around, fear of the unknown Traded in my teddy bear that bites for my backpack, a box of pictures tucked inside Full of faith and off to LaLa Land Searching for multiple minsters to find my […]

Finn’s first steps

People often ask me if I knew Finn had autism when he was an infant.  No.  There were, however, all these little clues that he was different from his brother.  Little to no eye contact, not responding to his name, and not smiling when myself or someone else would smile at him. But, they were […]