Fiercely following joy

Sitting in my garden, where my seeds are planted and sleeping

Enveloped by the pain of loss, despair all around, fear of the unknown

Traded in my teddy bear that bites for my backpack, a box of pictures tucked inside

Full of faith and off to LaLa Land

Searching for multiple minsters to find my own resurrection

Carrying this fear of judgement

“Who is this white woman able bodied and of sound mind, speaking for someone who can’t?”

I found the ocean and marveled at all the life it holds

Stood on the sand and let the waves crash over me

Washing away the fear and replaced it with play and joy

This is how we change the world!

Stepping up to be queen bee!

Sharing one story, one movie, one sermon, and one meal while holding hands

We are all creating our new world with words!

We return to the garden, woken up

The laughter and questions echo in our heads

“What do you need and where are you stuck?”


Poem dedicated to the first Something To Say class of 2020

– Terra Starr Smith

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