Sacred space

Standing in front of the ocean
God spoke
“I know the prayer written on your bones”
“Whispered on your lips”
“You will hear him speak, in your dreams”
“The voice of your child will echo in your heart and mind”
“In your waking hours, the memory of it will sit heavy in your soul”
Spirit invited me to pray a new prayer and asked me “What is love?”
I answered
A sacred space
I now pray for a space where his smile is seen first
A space where someone can speak his language
A space where someone can see the Jesus in him
A space where someone will walk with him throughout his life
This is the way of love
A sacred space that sees him as complete, just as he is
He is the 1 in 99, the 1 in 59
A sacred space full of a reckless love, without fear and judgment

-Terra Smith




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